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Blog Newbie – Where do I start?!

Being a newbie blogger makes for a lot of questions. You don’t know what to write about half of the time, and yet you have this burning ambition to make a success of it. I find myself constantly googling things like: “How to become a successful blogger?” or “Ways to earn money from a blog”. I’m not saying I expect a blog will get me rich – although that would be awesome! I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to achieve this.

Being A First-Time Mummy

My blog is primarily about being a first time mummy, to my gorgeous boy who’s been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I have essentially put myself into this already large world of mum blogs, so it’s easy to blend in with the others unnoticed. This is where my questions begin. How do I become noticed? What can I do to bring traffic to my blog? The trouble is, everything online will tell you to be unique. Which is difficult in the world of mum blogs!


Blogging has it’s challenges. The easy part is actually writing. Once an idea for a blog has come to mind I can write for England without stopping to even check I typed it correctly, it just spills out of my fingertips with eagerness! I often have to use my husband as a proof reader because I can easily create typos in the excitement. I guess you could say this is one of my most important tips… Check for typos! (I say this and I guarantee I’ll let one slip under the radar and then I’ll look like a right contradicting twat)

Blog Block

Whenever I get “blog block” (aka writer’s block) I get frustrated, this is when I suggest people not to bother trying to write a blog. These articles become forced and tend to be some of my worst writing that never get posted. Your best bet is to go crazy writing tons of drafts when you’re in that writing mood. Sometimes I’ll create a couple in one day, save them for when I have a “blog block” moment when I just can’t seem to function, and then I can just whack out a draft – like I’m on Blue Peter “Here’s one I made earlier!” This has been working great for me considering I have a moany newborn baby in my arms 99.9% of the time and I haven’t yet mastered one hand typing, rocking a child and “shhing” whilst using brain power to compose a decent blog post. I have however mastered rocking his bouncer chair with one foot so I can drink a cup of tea before it’s gone cold! But that doesn’t achieve anything other than self satisfaction.


I’ve spent a lot of time hassling my husband regarding my blog. Poor sod. I wanted it in a certain way, to help readers easily navigate their way around my blog to articles they were interested in. I often see blogs laid out so that their most recent post is at the top of the page and you have to work your way down the entire page until you even find a post that remotely interested you. No offence people, but I haven’t got time for that! The WordPress reader is helpful, because it shows snippets of blog posts and I can click on what looks good. This is what I tried to achieve with my blog lay out. I show snippets of each blog post, within categorised pages, so that people can click and read the ones that look interesting to them. Someone who liked reading my “Twitter Twat” blog post, about how I feel about social media, may not enjoy my Breast Pad Review post. If they enjoy both… then happy days, right?! My lay out just enables people to direct themselves.

Gaining Traffic

My newest challenge is how to gain traffic. I have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which I regularly use to promote my blog, but being as unsociable as I am, means I don’t have a lot of followers… So I need to work on that. *Little nudge to my socials there… so go on… follow me!* To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what to do to gain followers. Just gotta keep bloggin’ I suppose! The more I write the more views I seem to get, so I can’t quit now. Which I have before – I’ve been disheartened by little followers and I ended up giving up. Determined not to let that happen this time. I’ve put a lot of dedication into this and I finally have something worthwhile to write about. Having a child can be eventful, I’m only in the newborn stage at the moment , god knows what I’ll be writing about once he’s a toddler!


Like many, I have an ambition to become a full time blogger. At the moment I am feeling like that’s impossible. But if I don’t try then I’ll never know, and I have until January next year until I have to return to work, so my goal is to make it a mini success within 6/7 months. That’s achievable right?! So anyway, I’ve paid a ridiculous amount to make my blog have it’s own domain – not entirely sure if it was worth it, but screw it I’ve done it now. I am officially This also now means I can have WordAds on my blog to try and raise some funds and I have various other things I am yet to discover. I plan to re-vamp my site with a different theme to make it look sexy, and hopefully link AdSense too which is another method of attempting to monetize my site. Again… I don’t really know what I’m doing. I am most certainly fumbling my way around the blogging world really. It’s all a bit of fun init! I guess that’s what you have to remind yourself throughout – enjoy it, have fun doing it and the success will be a bonus!


9 thoughts on “Blog Newbie – Where do I start?!

  1. I too am a newbie …..well sort of…..I’m 7 months in and not even self hosted yet! I find it hard making time to blog with 5 kids. (3 under 3) but I do enjoy writing when I get the chance. I Love how everyone in the blogging community is so supportive to one another! Keep up the good work 😊 x

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    1. Yeah I can imagine that’s hard to find time! Children are a distraction haha. The blogging community is great, we all want to do well 🙂 thank you, hope you find the time too 😊 x


  2. Hi, I am a ‘newbie blogger too, I’ve only been going for a couple of months. I agree it can be disheartening when you put so much time and effort into a post and not as many people read it as you would like. I use writing as a way to get everything from my in my head, out, and to have a bit of fun.

    As a mum of two toddlers, life can be pretty hectic and its so cute to have something just for me. I use Grammarly to try and catch any mistakes; I would recommend giving it a go, it picks up a lot of little bits I wouldn’t have been thought of!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and following along on your journey!

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  3. Starting a blog is fun at first and then over time can become tedious if we lose some of our ambition. Passion goes a long way and once you find your niche your on a roll now. The goal is to find a good balance between real life and the blogging virtual world.

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  4. I’ve had my blog for just over a year now and I still struggle getting traffic! I get disheartened when a post I’ve put a lot of effort into is hardly noticed – I’ve not updated recently as I’ve had ‘writers block’! This post was so lovely to read because it puts into perspective things don’t happen over night, it’s a lot of work and time consuming but you get the rewards in the long run! Plus, we’re all in this boat together (like motherhood), so supporting each other is key!


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