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Nappy Review – To Absorb Or Not To Absorb!?

We have Tried and tested 5 different brands of nappies and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I will be giving my own personal opinion on each brand, based on my experience with them on Fletcher – who’s participation to this review was purely nappy model and testee!

Fletcher’s size & Weight: He’s fitting in size 2 nappies and weighs 11lbs 3oz

In no particular order…

Tesco Loves : £2.40 pack of 58

(approx 4.1p per nappy) Cheapest of the 5 reviewed

As you can see from the picture the Tesco nappies have the wet indicator line down the middle, which turn blue when wet (which all of these reviewed nappies have). They feel thick and padded to the touch. The top edges aren’t very soft and so can leave marks on his skin, but they don’t irritate him so not too much of an issue really. The absorbent area inside the nappy goes from front to back and to each sides with very minimal gaps for leakages. As you can also see from the image, it’s quite rigid in its shape and so can feel a little stiff around his bottom initially until he’s sat in it for a little bit to move it into place comfortably I guess! The tabs are secure across the front and the elasticated sides stay against his legs to prevent leakages. Overall, I can’t say I can recall having accidents with these nappies and I would definitely use them again as they seemed to serve their purpose well. My only negative would be the minor red markings it would make on his skin. I think they are very close competitors to our favourite brand which you’ll find out in due course.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Sainsburys Little Ones : £2.50 pack of 46

(approx 5.4p per nappy)

These nappies are nice and soft to the touch and also feel thick and padded. The tabs are very secure and there is, again, a wetness indicator on the front. They fit very comfortably around his bottom and tummy, less stiff and rigid than the Tesco branded ones. There is an elasticated section at the back so you can make it fit well around their waist, weather they have a little tummy or a pop belly! There also seems to be almost a pocket at the back of the nappy to prevent “up the back” situations – we didn’t experience this to be able to say weather or not it was effective. The absorbent section in the nappy seems thinner than the Tesco ones, so may not absorb as much. Despite Fletcher fitting nicely in size 2 nappies, these did feel a little big on him. The elastic didn’t fit snug around his thigh and so he has had many wet leakages in them. I would probably say these are a great nappy if the elastic fit better around his thighs and then perhaps we wouldn’t of had leakages. Maybe when he’s a bit bigger they’d be a lot better. Overall, a comfortable feel however we didn’t find them to be absorbent but as I said, could have been down to size rather than the nappy itself.

My rating out of 5 -⭐⭐


Lidl – Lupilu: £2.09 for 44 nappies

(approx 4.8p)

I got myself a pack of 44 nappies for free because I spotted a Facebook advert for them and jumped on it! I am already aware that people rave about how good they are and they’ve won a bronze “Made For Mums” Award 2018 , so I was curious. They are very similar to the little ones nappies from Sainsburys in their shape and feel. They feel nice and soft and well padded throughout. They also have an elasticated section at the back and the tabs at the front are very secure. As always, a wetness indicator on the front. Unlike the Sainsburys nappies, these fit Fletcher really well and I cannot recall any reoccurring accidents in these. Overall, If Lidl was my regular shop then I’d definitely be adding these into my shopping trolley! I think they are very good value for money and well worth the Bronze award, if not silver! Cannot fault them really.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Pampers: £2.50 for pack of 31

(approx 8.1p per nappy) Most expensive of the 5 reviewed

Apparently Pampers has the Silver ” Made for mums” award 2018, and I’m going to be honest – I have no idea why! I thought they were….shit! Every single time Fletcher has had one one, he’s leaked through it. I’m not a bad mum honest, I don’t leave him in them for days or anything – they just weren’t absorbent at all! You can tell they won’t be just by feeling them, they feel very thin and the padding inside is simply pathetic, it doesn’t cover the whole span of the nappy – just seems like there’s not enough in there. I’m not even sure have much positive things to say about this nappy to be honest…. it has a wetness indicator but then wearing one of these I could feel that on his clothes before even seeing it anyway! I would not buy these again, I certainly don’t think they warrant the silver award – not sure how anyone gets on with them to be honest! Considering they are the most expensive out of the 5 nappies I’ve reviewed, It’s disappointing.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐

And finally… my top rated nappy goes to……. *drum roll please*…..


Aldi Mamia : £1.99 pack of 44

(approx 4.5p)

These are by far our favourite nappies. Admittedly, this is where we do our regular shop, so we have used a lot more of these than the other brands and so we have experience them more so. However, they haven’t dissapointed being that they are the Gold “Made for Mum” awarded nappies. Worthy winners I say! We find they fit Fletcher comfortably, he is starting to need the next size up. As yes, they are rigid in shape so they do make marks on his legs when they start to get too tight. So we know were needing to move him onto size 3 really. We don’t have regular issues with leakages unlike some of the other brands we’ve tried. They come up higher on his back than others, so we don’t have issues with over-spillages of poop! Thick and well covered padding inside the nappy, meaning they absorb very well. Like most of the nappies, there is a wetness indicator and strong tabs across the front. They are very similar to the Tesco nappies which are actually the cheapest reviewed, but we don’t get the red marking across his belly with the top of these nappies unlike the Tesco ones. Overall, we think they’re great value for money being that they are the second cheapest of the nappies we’ve tried.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Below are pictures of my little nappy model – doing a fine job!







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