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3 Month Sleep Regression – help!!

I have recently discovered what a sleep regression is, and I’d like to un-discover it please!? In fact, the discovery of it was fine, but I’d just like to trade in my baby if that’s possible? He’s broken.

If anyone is going through the 3/4 months sleep regression with their baby – I feel you! You are not alone! I have been literally clutching at straws trying to settle Fletcher this past week (since my last blog about his sleep routine, it has just went a bit tits up), nothing we do will make him fall asleep smoothly and happily. Every nap and at bedtime Fletcher just refuses to fall asleep independently, resulting in us manically trying to rock him, pat him, or even sing him to sleep. This has just happened out of the blue, he used to settle just fine with a gentle rocking and his dummy. I think he woke up one day and just decided, you know what… I’m gunna fuck shit up now. He’s such a needy child anyway, and typically a cuddle will solve anything, but not anymore! Instead, I feel like I’m holding a wild animal that can’t stay still.

This is the first time I’ve genuinely felt helpless. The first time I’ve felt like I really don’t know what to do to make him happy. To the point where I just want to cry while he’s crying too! I do however, just about manage to hold it together long enough to get him to sleep eventually after a lot of rocking, aching arms, a flailing baby whose limbs seems to have no concept of personal space. When he’s finally fallen asleep, it’s like a wave of relief comes over me. I slowly crouch to his bouncer, gently…. gently…. place him into his seat so I can relax my arms, only for him to immediately open his eyes and begin crying again. F**K! And so the cycle starts again!

So, as I do… I googled it. “3 month old fighting sleep” and I came across an interesting article on which opened my eyes as to why Fletcher is…well being a little shit bag to be brutally honest!

At the age of 3/4 months they have a sleep regression due to a lot of changes in their sleep. Their sleep becomes more like an adult and they are reducing the number of naps. They aren’t sleeping deeply during the day like they were as a newborn and they first enter a lighter sleep meaning they are easily distracted/stimulated and during this stage, the rocking, the patting that you may have done before which worked well, will only now over-stimulate them and keep them awake longer, thus resulting in an over-tired baby. We all know how hard it is to settle an overtired baby! Once your baby is overtired, you’re in a situation that seems almost impossible to resolve.

After reading the article I realised that we are just creating more and more issues by over-stimulating our poor, sleepy baby. I’ve also come to the conclusion that his bedtime routine needs to begin a lot earlier than it currently does. He doesn’t tend to go to sleep for the night until around 8/9pm. I think because of this he isn’t getting enough sleep through the night to have a happy baby during the day. I feel like he just has a constant whingeing sound coming out of him on repeat at the moment. Anyone know where the mute button is?!

All jokes aside, I would never let him cry it out and I very much support the concept of a baby needing comfort if they are crying. Even if it makes me feel like pulling my hair out. He is 15 weeks old, the poor thing has no idea that the feeling he has is purely lack of sleep, and that he just needs to shut his eyes. He’s just probably thinking, “I feel really cranky and I don’t know why!!” “Stop making noise and rocking me mummy it’s making me feel even more cranky!”

On top of this, I also think he’s teething. They say bad luck always comes in three’s so can someone bring me chocolate for when shit hits the fan. I mean… That saying in itself is even a possibility, with the hot weather because we’ve got a fan on 24/7 and a baby with extremely explosive poop…


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