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From Breastfeeding To Formula – The Transition

So Fletcher is 5 months old and what a wonderful breastfeeding journey we've had. However, I have decided the time has come to begin our transition onto formula feeding. I have my reasons for doing this, as I know many people will ask why I'm stopping. I feel extremely proud of myself for going 5… Continue reading From Breastfeeding To Formula – The Transition

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Keeping Cystic Fibrosis Organised

Having a child who has CF means you have a lot more to remember and maintain on a regular basis. This begins with their medication, diet and also physiotherapy, it also includes the cleaning routine you choose to follow in your household and when travelling. Fletcher is 4 months old and our routine is very… Continue reading Keeping Cystic Fibrosis Organised

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Baby Weaning – Tips, Tricks and Our Routine

I thought I'd share with you my experience weaning Fletcher and what I have found helpful and easy to ensure I'm organised. I have a few tips that have helped me throughout the process, to ensure Fletcher also tries a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. GUIDELINES Now I know there's a debate between mum's… Continue reading Baby Weaning – Tips, Tricks and Our Routine

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Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

I've caught up with the Dispatches program about breastfeeding which was on Channel 4 recently. I couldn't help but write a blog sharing my opinion on the program and how my breastfeeding experience has been 3 months in. My Opinion I cannot believe how weirdly emotional the program made me feel (I'm emotional about everything… Continue reading Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

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3 Month Sleep Regression – help!!

I have recently discovered what a sleep regression is, and I'd like to un-discover it please!? In fact, the discovery of it was fine, but I'd just like to trade in my baby if that's possible? He's broken. If anyone is going through the 3/4 months sleep regression with their baby - I feel you!… Continue reading 3 Month Sleep Regression – help!!