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Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

I've caught up with the Dispatches program about breastfeeding which was on Channel 4 recently. I couldn't help but write a blog sharing my opinion on the program and how my breastfeeding experience has been 3 months in. My Opinion I cannot believe how weirdly emotional the program made me feel (I'm emotional about everything… Continue reading Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

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Social Life Of A Mummy

You find yourself looking at Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, watching others having fun. Watching them drink, meet friends and having an exciting life and you think to yourself... Will I ever have fun again? Lucky for me my social life has always been in the toilet. I'm going to be totally honest and say friendships… Continue reading Social Life Of A Mummy

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Mummy Misery And The Irritating Public!

During the first 7 weeks of having a baby I have definitely experienced those well known baby blues. Luckily nothing horrendous warranting a trip to the doctor's, but enough to make me want to close the door to the bathroom and scream for a second before resuming mum life as normal. Helplessness There's no worse… Continue reading Mummy Misery And The Irritating Public!

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First 2 weeks with a newborn & postpartum pains.

Fletcher is now 2 weeks old! What an experience it's been so far. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to go through many of those experiences. By that I don't mean looking after a newborn, I mean the postpartum shit I've had to deal with. The things no-one tells you about! Pre-warning you folks… Continue reading First 2 weeks with a newborn & postpartum pains.