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Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

I've caught up with the Dispatches program about breastfeeding which was on Channel 4 recently. I couldn't help but write a blog sharing my opinion on the program and how my breastfeeding experience has been 3 months in. My Opinion I cannot believe how weirdly emotional the program made me feel (I'm emotional about everything… Continue reading Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered – My Opinion

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First Baby Free Night Out Exclusively Breastfeeding

I just wanna start by saying sorry I'm not blogging as regularly as I was before... But have you felt the heat?! I cannot function when I'm a miserable, sweaty, hot mess. So, I had my first "Baby Free" night out on a Friday night. It was our 1 year wedding anniversary - so I… Continue reading First Baby Free Night Out Exclusively Breastfeeding

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Cystic Fibrosis – First Clinic Visit

Fletcher had one of his first of many clinic visits yesterday. This brought a lot of bad memories flooding back, which felt really odd. We also signed him up for a research study that they are testing on CF infants which can help future generations. Our second trip to the hospital felt really odd, as… Continue reading Cystic Fibrosis – First Clinic Visit

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Express Yourself! – Daddy Duties & Difficulties

I've finally gone back to expressing breast milk again now that Fletcher has got the hang of the booby latch again. He was going through a stage where he was being diffult when latching because I introduced the bottle too early alongside, but now that he's nailed it I have brought the bottle back! This… Continue reading Express Yourself! – Daddy Duties & Difficulties